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Birthdate:Nov 1
Location:United States of America
I'm Puel. I have gone by other names in the past, but now I tend to respond to Puel, Puella, or "oh dear god why."

Someday I want to Save the World, but for now I'm in grad school in NYC, living with my partner-in-crime and fiancee [personal profile] mithrigil. This journal, however, isn't about my life as much as it's about fandom and the things I do in it. Namely, writing fanfic, talking about my writing process and about writing in general, nattering on about fandoms, and occasionally asking for drabble prompts/meme-type questions and filling them about a month later.

As of Fall '10, I have shifted all original fiction over to [profile] puella_wordii, so head there if you're interested in checking that out. (I like terrible puns, what can I say.)

Quick note: I love talking to people on my journal, and welcome pretty much all commenters. I even welcome commenters who disagree with me! I don't welcome trolls. I ban_set trolls. So don't troll.

CONTACT INFORMATION, if you need to get ahold of me.
ANIME/MANGA: Fate/zero, Princess Tutu, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
BOOKS: The Hunger Games trilogy, anything Neil Gaiman has ever written, A Song of Ice and Fire, Tamora Pierce's Tortall and Circle of Magic 'verses, whatever YA series I'm binging on at the moment.
COMICS: Homestuck, Oglaf, Preacher, The Sandman
MOVIES: Disney in general
TV: Game of Thrones, The Legend of Korra
VIDEOGAMES: Suikoden I/II/Gaiden/III(/IV)/V
And Elizabethan drama. Pretty much always. Especially Shakespeare.

As of February 2012, I'm not writing much in the way of fanfic, though I'm still posting stuff occasionally. Most of it is Suikoden, and for once it's not my fault but Mith's. I'm focusing a lot on my original work these days, which, again, you can find at [profile] puella_wordii. I've recently written fic for The Hunger Games, Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, X-men: First Class, Tiger and Bunny, and Homestuck, "recently" being something of a relative term.

Regarding pairings and shipping: I'm very fond of some pairings, and I'm certainly prefer some pairings to others, but having One True Pairing isn't really something I do. Expect lots of different configurations here.

[profile] puella_wordii: home of my original fiction.
[profile] saying_yes_2010: a sex-positive art- and ficbitathon. First round: January 4 - January 18, 2010.

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I don't really have one, so to speak. Friending me is totally fine, no need to ask my permission. As a general rule, I friend people who friend me back once I have talked to them and have at least an Internet-ish idea of who they are, so don't be shy about saying hi -- I do like talking to people on the Internet, except during my occasional periods of social fail. In many cases, I'm more likely to grant people access to my locked content than I am to read (or at least to respond to) other peoples' entries. (See above regarding periods of social fail, and I'm rather bad at remembering to comment in general.) If there's something you want me to read, though, you're always welcome to mention so in a comment or PM me about it, and I'll do my best to check it out.

My fanfiction is public, as are icons, fanmixes, and other "hey guys I made something for this fandom!" types of things. Recs, reviews, and general squeeposts are also public. Prompt requests are generally public. Everything else is friendslocked.

Interests (141):

abusing poetic devices, acting, against a vending machine, age of sail, all the fictional women you hate, all the world's a stage, alliteration, anthropology, asoiaf, assonance, badum-badum-badum-badum-badum, battlestar galactica, bdsm, bertolt brecht, best mith ever ♥, bitty vengeance, boys being dumb at each other, breaking the height rule, bringing hotwrong back, bunnies must be free, bunny/otter otp, christopher marlowe, cockblocking all my characters, consequences, crossovers, crying over goddamn everything, cthulhu fhtagn, dead gay canons, decent people in indecent worlds, deconstructing sex tropes, digital devil saga, editing, elisabeth, european history, facepunching, fanfiction, fate/zero, feminism, final fantasy, finnick let-me-hear-you-say-oh!dair, firefly, fretting about not writing, fretting about writing, game of thrones, geekdom, going to hell, gotta get a geass, hating denouements, hitting on tenkai, homestuck, iambic pentameter, interests nobody else has, it's-not-love-until-someone-loses-an-eye, joss whedon hates happiness, jowy atreides's life choices, knight of masochist, liking what fandom hates, little-moe cupcake/beaded-warrior cupcake otp, luca blight's big bbq party, melodramatic sopranos, men in dresses, men in pain, mercenary marriages, meta, neil gaiman, never enough research, never unseeing it, no really i'm going to hell, not making it better, obsessive detail whoring, occupy castle, odie/peep: buhyoogaria, oglaf, oh england, overanalysis, parodies, perverting your favorite tropes, perving on the badtouch, petshop of horrors, poking characters with sticks, politics, preacher, precious babies, princess tutu, procrastination for great justice, project runway, queering the patriarchy, repercussions, rupaul's drag race, sadistic canon, saving the world. a lot., scansion, screaming at my screen, self-aware but trapped characters, set it on cake?, sex/violence otp, shin megami tensei, ships that make me cry, shoujo kakumei utena, silverberg i'm bored, spock don't tickle the prisoners, star trek xi, stupid sexy communism, suikoden, suikoden i, suikoden ii, suikoden iii, suikoden v, sweet rabbit, tamora pierce, temeraire, the daily show, the hunger games, the legend of korra, the ones who fell, the sandman, the stratford man, the sumeragi blend, things that give me ~feeeeeeeelings~, think of the kittens, tiger and bunny, tir sexypants mcdohl, tokyo babylon, uk/us ust, unitarian universalism, unpretentious about being pretentious, vampire makeouts, villain parties, vorkosigan saga, wicked lovely, william shakespeare, women who can kick my ass, writing, wrongsexual, x-men, x-men first class, x/1999, xenokink, y-young master!! that tickles!!, ya fiction, yami no matsuei
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